University of Zurich adapts trans guidelines

University of Zurich adapts trans guidelines
March 7, 2019 may
Ein Ausschnitt aus einem Text von 1896, der den Gebrauch des Worts "Studierende" erklärt.

It can be as simple as that: The University of Zurich has Guidelines for handling name and gender marker changes for trans students has been adapted. Students can now choose names and gender markers for all documents that differ from the official ID. However, there is a catch to the story: Only the following options are available for selection Male and female. Those who do not fit into one of these categories remain excluded.

Previously, it was not possible to obtain certificates and diplomas different from the official name. The old regulations also required students to "make a prima facie case that he or she is a transgender person." We recently had this unfair practice criticized in an article. The burden of proof is now removed, and no proof of gender identity is explicitly required for the application.

We welcome the adjustment of the guidelines, but continue to demand quite clearly: non-binary people must also have the opportunity to choose a suitable gender entry.

Where and how do I submit the application?

You can submit your application to the Student Affairs Office. Information is available on the university's website.


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