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  • Eine transgender-pride Flagge mit dem Logo der Universität Zürich.

    The UZH is committed to inclusion

    The University of Zurich joins "trans welcome". We welcome the step and say thank you - and yet it's only just beginning...

  • Gender-neutral form of address

    There are people who use gender-neutral pronouns and want to be addressed with neutral language. For example, because they are non-binary,...

  • Ein Ausschnitt aus einem Text von 1896, der den Gebrauch des Worts

    University of Zurich adapts trans guidelines

    Students can now receive all documents in their real name, even without an official name change. Only non-binary students will continue to go empty...

  • Hauptgebäude der Uni Zürich.

    Trans: There's a lot to do at the University of Zurich.

    The University of Zurich wants to become more inclusive. There are still some construction sites, especially in the area of trans. Therefore, here are our demands for...

  • Trans at the university: names and pronouns

    Everyone likes to be addressed by their real name. It's very similar with pronouns.

  • Guideline for universities on the inclusive treatment of all genders

    Our new guide for higher education institutions on how to be inclusive of all genders is designed to help staff at higher education institutions create more trans-friendly structures.

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