The UZH is committed to inclusion

The UZH is committed to inclusion
July 8, 2019 may
Eine transgender-pride Flagge mit dem Logo der Universität Zürich.

The University of Zurich is the platform trans welcome joined. As a member of the initiative of Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS), it thus expresses its "desire and willingness to work for an improvement of the situation of trans people in the world of work," it says. on the website of trans welcome. The University of Zurich thus joins a list of universities that are already members - for example the University of Basel and the ETH.

The VSUZH had demanded the accession of the university at the beginning of this year in a council resolution, for which we also gave our support. Because a university must be equally accessible to all.

We welcome this step by the University of Zurich. At the same time, however, we also note that this is not the end of the work. With the accession to trans welcome is a good prelude to following up with tangible action. As part of the development of the implementation plan for the new diversity policy, we are working on defining measures for the inclusion of trans people.

Ultimately, our demands are clear: the University of Zurich needs gender-neutral toilets and changing rooms, and it must finally put an end to the discriminatory unequal treatment of non-binary students and staff.


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