Student*in Stickers

Eine schematische Darstellung einer Legitimationskarte der Universität Zürich. Der Geschlechtseintrag ist mit einem Kleber überklebt, auf dem das Wort "Student*in" steht. Der Asterisk im Wort "Student*in" ist gross und hat die Farbe Magenta.

Our first project are the student stickers, with which you can cover the gender markers on the university student cards - to draw attention to the fact that a binary gender system excludes people. You can get the stickers for free at different events or at the HAZ.

The university has expressed concerns that the stickers could be damage the validation stationswhen you print your new data on it at the beginning of the semester. So there's the stickers new only as already prefabricated Legi sleeveswhere the sticker is already placed in the right place. We ask you not to place your stickers directly on the card.


The University of Zurich indicates the gender on the student ID cards: it either says "student" or "female student." Non-binary people have no possibility to get a suitable ID. The university is working on a solution. But it would be very difficult and expensive to update the IT system in this regard. With 0.50 francs per sticker, we offer a pretty cheap (and beautifully pink) alternative to bridge the time until then.

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