Study participants wanted

Study participants wanted
22 June 2021 Kim (they/them)

Léïla Eisner and Tabea Hässler, the heads of the Swiss LGBTIQ+ Panel, have joined forces with two colleagues (Susanne Fischer and Jan Rosset) to examine the impact of the referendum on marriage for all. all and the accompanying discussions on LGBTIQ+ persons in comparison to cis-heterosexual persons. In particular, they are interested in the impact on LGBTIQ+ people's sense of belonging, wellbeing and health. To do this, they would like to survey LGBTIQ+ people and cis-heterosexual people at three different points in time: before the big launch of the campaigns (now), just before the vote in September, and after the vote on marriage for all.

It is important to them to present the different subgroups of the community. Therefore, they want to recruit a balance of men, women and non-binary people with different sexual orientations, but also people from different cantons and age groups.

They have already recruited a sample of over 500 people from all language regions of Switzerland who will both complete the questionnaires and send them a hair sample. This will allow them to compare self-reported health data with biological stress levels (i.e. cortisol levels).

In the current step, they now want to advertise the survey (without hair sample) as widely as possible. In order for the study to be a great success, a large reach is central.

Completing the survey will 20-30 minutes last.

You can find the questionnaire here:

Of course, they will also summarize their findings in a report and share it with all participants, LGBTIQ+ organizations and equality offices. As a thank you, they will also raffle off a Galaxus voucher worth 500 CHF, a voucher worth 200 CHF and three vouchers worth 100 CHF each among all participants.

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