SpeakUp and Diversity Award at ETH

SpeakUp and Diversity Award at ETH
30 June 2021 Kim (they/them)

For an ETH in which no one feels excluded

The student association VSETH and the Mittelbauvereinigung AVETH have launched a campaign with #speakupETH in which situations of discrimination or disadvantage at ETH Zurich are depicted. The aim of this campaign is to create a more inclusive university. The interview with those responsible for the campaign at VSETH.

You can find the whole article here: https://ethz.ch/services/de/news-und-veranstaltungen/intern-aktuell/archiv/2021/06/fuer-eine-eth-in-der-sich-niemand-ausgeschlossen-fuehlt.html

And the first AVETH Diversity Award goes to...

On 21 May, the Mittelbau Association AVETH together with Equal! presented the AVETH Diversity Award for the first time. The first prize was awarded to the African Students Association of Zurich (ASAZ) and the physicist and doctoral student Chiara Decaroli.

You can find the whole article here: https://ethz.ch/services/de/news-und-veranstaltungen/intern-aktuell/archiv/2021/05/und-der-erste-AVETH-diversity-award-geht-an.html

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